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NXGN believes in automating the easy stuff. In fact, we run a large backend cluster that helps us do just that in our full testing suite. From automated information gathering, to auto-scaling testing clusters, our sophisticated backend saves our clients and our engineers time and money. We believe in going beyond the PowerPoint and install and vet all the software we recommend in our advanced testing lab. From integration to feature suites, we test it all.

Our expertise extends beyond cloud, on prem and hybrid implementations, as our security and engineering specialists have delivered advanced integrations and unique visibility to the Fortune 500. Our testing lab is home to many best-of-breed security, infrastructure and automation tools and we take pride in pushing them to their limits. Give us a call to see what we can help you solve for the past, present and future.

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What We Do

We’ve got everything you need to bring advanced infrastructure and security to the enterprise.


Two-way Cloud Migrations

Whether you are looking to move workloads into the cloud, or pull some back - our experts can help make sure the migration goes smoothly.

Automation & Orchestration

The most important part of doing more with less is letting automation fill the gaps where you lack headcount. NXGN can help you maximize the resources you have on staff today to get the results you'll need tomorrow.

Hybrid Infrastructure

Cloud is only part of the modern datacenter; hybrid implementations let you keep your sensitive workloads in house while you move your less sensitive ones into the cloud. From hyperconverged to legacy system augmentation - we've got you covered.

DR and Backup

While many segments of the modern datacenter are evolving, DR and Backup have seen the most innovation. If you are still archiving to tape, and dreading fail-over testing - reach out and see if we have a solution that fits your needs and your budget.


Network Assessments

Get a detailed view of your network from the hosts to the software running on them with an eye on known vulnerabilities. Understand what your footprint is saying about your security posture.

Network Penetration Testing

Learn how tight your network's defenses are, and where they can be tightened to prevent losses to threats, both internal and external. All the data you'll get from an assessment, with the added bonus of exploitation.

Web Application Pentesting

Discover vulnerabilities in your applications that can expose your data, compromise your clients and customers, or damage your brand. Our team is internationally recognized for their efforts in the realm of web application security.

Source Code Review

Find your application's flaws and fix them before they get out in the wild. For legacy applications, learn what dangers have been sitting out in the open.

App Team Training

Educate your developers and empower them to solve problems before they arise. Implement a more secure SDLC and reduce risk to your applications and organization.

Cloud Audit

Has your move to the cloud been haphazard? Were you a system admin on the ground before you moved to cloud? We can help you make sense of your current cloud security posture!

Security Integrations

From complex correlations and beautiful dashboards in Splunk to Jenkins and Jira integrations - we can enable your team to do more with less.

Lab Sandbox

Curious about a new tool? See it in action and put it through its paces in our sandbox, tailored to mirror your environment. Easy and secure onboarding allows us to grant your team access in minutes.

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Our Clients

NXGN has been honored to partner up with these clients

We take our client's privacy and security very seriously, references can be provided by request and client calls can be arranged.

“The NXGN’s team unbiased approach to helping us solve our infrastructure capacity problems allowed us to use a software solution in lieu of adding more hardware. Two years later we have saved hundreds of thousands on hardware and licensing costs.”

Redacted Director of Infrastructure, Financial Industry

“Leveraging NXGN’s approach to automation and hyperconverged infrastructure, we have been able to to provide our developers with resources in a manner that competes with how they would use public cloud, preserving our OpEx budgets and getting the attention of the CFO. This same approach has allowed us to deploy infrastructure to remote sites in a way we didn’t think possible before.”

Redacted VP Operations, Global Retailer

“We were very impressed at how fast the NXGN team was able to comprehend and understand the application, dive into testing, and share some best practices that we ultimately fed back into the architecture of the application before it went live.”

Redacted Director Security and Governance at a Global Bank

“The NXGN team has been working with our different applications for several years now. What started as a Pen Test for a compliance requirement has turned into a resource and extension of our team for our developers. We do not have dedicated in house Application Security resources and the NXGN team has helped our developers to understand the importance of security at the application level”

Redacted Director of Cloud Operations and Application Development at an eCommerce company

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